What I eat in a day – HEALTHY AND TASTY MEALS #3

Hi guys! Today I am sharing what i eat in a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All this recipes are very healthy and tasty and quite simple to make. Most of these recipes are vegan and gluten free. So everyone can enjoy them.

Peanut butter and banana toast

For breakfast, I made this Healthy Nut Butter Banana Toast with Hemps Seeds! While shopping for bread, always try to choose whole wheat, whole grain or multi grain bread instead of regular white bread.

Pita fruit pizza

For lunch, I made this quick and simple fruit pizza using a whole wheat pita bread. To prepare this, I applied cream cheese – you can use regular or vegan cream cheese. Then added halved strawberries and sprinkled some pumpkin seeds, added goji berries and finished it with shaved chocolate.

Lovely Mocha

I love drinking coffee. I went to nearby cafe in the evening and saw the lovely heart on top of my mocha, so I had to click and share. It looks so lovely.

Lentil balls

For dinner, I made lentil balls and roasted them in then oven. I paired it with some sliced carrot and drizzled sriracha on top.

Hi! Welcome to CookingHealthy, my name is Megha Suchak and I live in San Francisco with my husband. I am Software Engineer by profession and also Henna artist. When I am not cooking or coding I do henna and you can check my work at Henna in SF

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